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Nora Mill Granary Nora Mills
One of North Georgia's historic stops...

7107 S. Main St. 
Helen, GA  30545
Nora Mill Sign

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Stone Ground Grains, Grits & Cornmeal, Pancake Mix, Muffin Mix, Bread Mix, Country Gifts, Ole Candy Store, Jams, Jellies, Vegetables and much more. Feed the BIG trout from our boardwalk over the Chattahoochee River.

The Mill

Feed the BIG trout from our boardwalk over the Chattahoochee River.

Big Trout

Nora Mills Truck Nora Mill Transfer
Our trucks deliver corn to the mill, the trucks have a hookup at the rear of the dumpbed for the screw conveyor to transfer the corn into the system.
Start the Process
The Transfer Screw delivers the corn from the truck into the mill system, this begins the meal preparation.
Load'em Up
Natural Power
The Chattahoochee River provides the power to run this grist mill. Water is channelled through a specifically sized trough, forcing the main water wheel to rotate and initiate the pulley system.
Chattahoochee River
Corn Mill Distribution System
The supply corn is fed into a distribution box with an adjustable gate located at the bottom of the box to allow the raw corn feed to be synchronized for a perfect running system.
Transfer to screening
The corn is precisely scooped up into cups attatched to a rotating conveyor belt that lifts and transports the corn to the screens located on the top floor of the grist mill.
Corn Scoop
Ready Corn Ready Cleaned Corn
After the corn has been cleaned in the screening room, the corn is dropped into a large funnel, which allows the corn to be fed to the grinder in a synchronized manner.
Grinding the Corn
The corn is fed into the center of two large stone grinding wheels. The Grinding wheels have carved vains in them to mechanically grind the corn into meal.
Grinding Corn at Nora Mills
ground corn The Meal is Produced
As you stand watching the Grinding Wheels do their job, you'll see the outlet sending the ground meal through to the conveying system to be prepared for packaging.
Packaging the Product
Packages are weighed and prepared for the shelf to be sold to the public.
Checking out Ready to take home
Make some of the best grits in the south, along with just about anything else. Come by and see this historic grinding mill operate first hand, it is a great experience for the whole family.




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